best offline games for android high graphics

5 Best Offline Games For Android High Graphics You Should Try

Games with high graphics will give a great experience for the player. The storyline and surroundings could be felt real. But it will be more fun if you can play even without an internet connection. So, here are 5 best offline games for Android high graphics.

1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Developed by Gameloft SE, this game takes time setting in medieval. The players will be knights that fight against Baal with a European atmosphere. 

There are 3 modes you can play, Event, Fortress, and Campaign. The Event mode can only be played at certain times. In this mode, you have to defeat the enemies that come in the barrage. The goal is to collect as much booty.

Meanwhile, if you want to use multiplayer, choose Fortress. And last, Campaign is the standard mode. By using this mode, you will play based on the storyline and role as a templar knight.

2. Cover Fire: Shooting Games Free

In this game, a player has a role as a sniper and shooter. This game uses third-person shooters as the point of view. For the easier playing in Android, you need to prepare a special controller.

The 3D graphic in Cover Fire is marvelous. You can feel the real characters and surroundings. Your enemy can even be seen from a distance because of the great visual effect. 

However, to get this great visual quality, you need to prepare a large capacity Android. You can still play it with low graphic quality, but it won’t bring maximum experience.

Cover Fire is a modern war and military game. So, for you who are passionate about military things, this game is perfect. Just find any kind of weaponry and combat devices by playing this.

3. Dead Effect 2

Still about a shooting game. But here, your enemies are zombies. Dead Effect 2 has an exciting storyline and full of action. You can feel the tension of the zombies’ threat.

The control button can be controlled properly. For the firing options, there is an auto fire. If you choose it, the gun will fire automatically when you aim a zombie. It will help you to focus to find the target. But you need to beware of the bullet stock.

Dead Effect 2 can be played offline. Besides, it is also free to download. Just search it on Play Store, then you can play it immediately after installing it.

4. Black Ops SWAT 

This game is developed by Craft Action Games and released in August 2019. Although relatively new, Black Ops SWAT has more than 1 million downloads already. 

This offline game has an excellent graphic with a user-friendly interface. You can also control it easily. Playing this will be interesting for the FPS game fans. 

5. Ninja Dash Run

Get fun by playing this game. As a jump and run gameplay, you can play it as a time killer. You can feel an atmosphere of Japanese adventure by playing this game. 

It has more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store and rated 4.4. So no wonder if it is one of the best offline games for Android high graphics.

To match your personality, this game presents various ninja warriors with different skills and weapons. You can control the character to jump and attack, while he does no stopping run.

Those are 5 best offline games for Android high graphics. Just prepare your internet connection to download. Then, you can play them offline all day long. Let’s play happily!