quarantine fashion tips

5 Of Quarantine Fashion Tips To Stay Fashionable 

For women look fashionable every time is a must. No exception for the quarantine period. Although staying at home, they need to stay fashionable with fashion at home. So, these 5 of quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable. The following explanation :

1. Mix and match Old Jeans With T-shirt 

Find your old Jeans again.  First quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable so that it can be used again during the quarantine. You can embroider it with a flower or other shape on a small hole and mix and match with your t-shirt. 

Recycle your old jeans. Creating a fashion model that is different from your old jeans, can make you more creative. Besides that, it can make you stay fashionable. 

2. Wearing Overall 

Overall is a type of casual clothing.  Therefore, it is appropriate to use these clothing during the quarantine. You can choose overall, to use it during the quarantine. Choose overalls that use smooth material so that you are free to move. 

Mix and match overall with sweat absorb t-shirt. So, you will not feel hotter. T-shirts with thin material are much better. Basically, wearing overall is equal to wearing a jumpsuit. It can make you are like to wear 2 clothes. 

3. Wearing Handmade Mask

During quarantine, you can stay fashionable with fabric handmade mask. Now, a lot of references for how to make a handmade mask with a funny character. So, this is one of the quarantine fashion tips. 

A fabric mask is better than others. That’s the chance to make a fashionable fabric mask by yourself. So, you will stay healthy and stay fashionable, cause you will change that’s color mask every day. 

4. Wearing Bright Colours 

Although you will feel sad during quarantine, cause you should stay at home a long day. Therefore, to make you feel better and stay fashionable, you should wear bright colors clothes. Bright colors clothes will give you positive energy. 

Choose pick one t-shirt or home dress with bright colors. So, you will feel more positive and energic cause wear it. Besides that, a t-shirt or home dress has comfortable material to wear all day long. So, you can finish your homework, easy well. 

5. Wearing Flat Shoe 

You will stay fashionable at home during the quarantine to wear flat shoes. Besides that, wear flat shoes can make you comfortable at home. So, choose one of your collection of flat shoes for your activities at home. You will feel free to move. 

Basically flat shoe has a lot of color and character. So, you will more interest to adjust it with your fashion. You can change other colors and characters every day and mix and match with your clothes. 

This is one of the quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable at home. So for women, you can forget high heels and wedges for a while. During quarantine, you must make that flat shoe to stay fashionable at home. 

Those are some tips to stay fashionable. So for women who need fashionable clothes, they can use quarantine fashion tips at home. So, they will look stylish with mix and match their fashion during the quarantine.