Where to go while in dublin

5 Top Lists On Where To Go While In Dublin

Dublin is the capital of beautiful Ireland and is also a tourist attraction in Western Europe. Moreover, Dublin not only has attractive downtown attractions, but there are also amazing natural attractions. If you have plans to go to Dublin, you should know where to go while in Dublin.

So, you do not miss the famous tourist attractions there. Besides, you will also get a pleasant experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Here are 5 tourist attractions in Dublin so that you are not confused about where to go while in Dublin:

1. Dublin Castle

Dublin is a city, which has a long history and ancient buildings. Therefore, you must visit the Dublin Castel when you visit this city. This building is a castle with a height of 9 meters and its age is more than 800 years.

Moreover, this building has an area of approximately 4.4 hectares and is located on Dame Street. The leader of Ireland in the 12th century, namely King John build this castle. You can visit it every day during visiting hours, which is from 10:00 to 16:00 local time.

2. Phoenix Park

This park is a beautiful city park and is located on the Liffey River. Nevertheless, the location is not so far from the city center, which is only about 2 kilometers. Having an area of 707 hectares, Phoenix Park has existed since 1662 ago.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of a different city by visiting there. With grass and footpaths, this park is also the best place to see deer.

3. Kilmainham Gaol

If you want to visit interesting and strange attractions, you can visit this prison museum. This building was once a prison and was built around 1796 under the name New Gaol. This prison was built to replace the old underground prison.

Moreover, this prison is important because it is one of the buildings related to the history of Ireland. Now the Dublin government manages this museum and you can visit it from 9.30 until 18:00 local time.

4. St. Stephen’s Green

You don’t need to question where to go while in Dublin because you can visit this beautiful park. This park is in the center of Dublin and you can visit this park as an alternative city tour. This park is also an old park because it has been existing since 1664.

Even though it only has an area of around 9 hectares, this park is an important tourist attraction in Dublin. Not only as a historic old park but also as a green open area in the middle of urban areas.

5. National Museum of Ireland

This museum has several sections and each section has its theme. There are 4 sections in this museum: natural history, country life, archeology, and decorative arts and history.

The archeology museum is the most famous museum and the most visited by tourists compared to other sections of the museum. This is because the museum has several Irish collections from prehistoric times.

You don’t need to confuse where to go while in Dublin. This is because you can visit those tourist attractions, which will add to your experience and knowledge. From five of the tourists’ attractions above, which one do you want to visit the most?