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quarantine fashion tips

5 Of Quarantine Fashion Tips To Stay Fashionable 

For women look fashionable every time is a must. No exception for the quarantine period. Although staying at home, they need to stay fashionable with fashion at home. So, these 5 of quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable. The following explanation :

1. Mix and match Old Jeans With T-shirt 

Find your old Jeans again.  First quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable so that it can be used again during the quarantine. You can embroider it with a flower or other shape on a small hole and mix and match with your t-shirt. 

Recycle your old jeans. Creating a fashion model that is different from your old jeans, can make you more creative. Besides that, it can make you stay fashionable. 

2. Wearing Overall 

Overall is a type of casual clothing.  Therefore, it is appropriate to use these clothing during the quarantine. You can choose overall, to use it during the quarantine. Choose overalls that use smooth material so that you are free to move. 

Mix and match overall with sweat absorb t-shirt. So, you will not feel hotter. T-shirts with thin material are much better. Basically, wearing overall is equal to wearing a jumpsuit. It can make you are like to wear 2 clothes. 

3. Wearing Handmade Mask

During quarantine, you can stay fashionable with fabric handmade mask. Now, a lot of references for how to make a handmade mask with a funny character. So, this is one of the quarantine fashion tips. 

A fabric mask is better than others. That’s the chance to make a fashionable fabric mask by yourself. So, you will stay healthy and stay fashionable, cause you will change that’s color mask every day. 

4. Wearing Bright Colours 

Although you will feel sad during quarantine, cause you should stay at home a long day. Therefore, to make you feel better and stay fashionable, you should wear bright colors clothes. Bright colors clothes will give you positive energy. 

Choose pick one t-shirt or home dress with bright colors. So, you will feel more positive and energic cause wear it. Besides that, a t-shirt or home dress has comfortable material to wear all day long. So, you can finish your homework, easy well. 

5. Wearing Flat Shoe 

You will stay fashionable at home during the quarantine to wear flat shoes. Besides that, wear flat shoes can make you comfortable at home. So, choose one of your collection of flat shoes for your activities at home. You will feel free to move. 

Basically flat shoe has a lot of color and character. So, you will more interest to adjust it with your fashion. You can change other colors and characters every day and mix and match with your clothes. 

This is one of the quarantine fashion tips to stay fashionable at home. So for women, you can forget high heels and wedges for a while. During quarantine, you must make that flat shoe to stay fashionable at home. 

Those are some tips to stay fashionable. So for women who need fashionable clothes, they can use quarantine fashion tips at home. So, they will look stylish with mix and match their fashion during the quarantine. 

online rpg games no download

Best Online RPG Games No Download You Can Play Anytime

If you are a gamer, there is nothing exciting than being someone virtually like real. Take actions, complete the challenge, and get level up. Moreover, you have a part to control the storyline. The role-playing game can give you this satisfaction. Because this kind of game makes the player as a character in a fictional world. Enjoy that sensation by having online RPG games no download on your phone right now.

Besides self-satisfaction, there are many advantages to playing this game. Surprisingly, it is not only for the adult, but also applied to the kids. Playing RPG games makes you be more creative because you should imagine many things, including for solving the problem. More than that, this game exercises you to work in a team. Because several games require you to help each other. Here is the list of the online RPG games no download to play:

1. Outwar

Some people consider this game as the MMORGP (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Seeing from the type, it is clear that you should be online to enjoy the game. Make your own strategy and defeat the enemies. During your journey, you will be filled with various fantasy adventures. Don’t be worry if your PC doesn’t have a high spec. This game is able to play on any computer or laptop. Just sign up and try the free online game without downloading.

2. Eternal Fury

Join this game now and start your adventure! You will be a superhero with powerful energy. Your job is to rescue your kingdom, defeat your neighbors and enemies. Eternal Fury is not only about winning the battle. You won’t achieve that goal without having a good strategy and city-building. Thus, if you want a complete experience, then this game is the right one.

3. Adventure Quest World

This game is fully animated and always update every week. You will get new adventures. That is why we make this game one of the best online RPG games no download. In this game, you have to fight monsters and get the level up while collecting points and gold at the same time. There are also skills you should have to face various challenges. Once you have new equipment, you will be amazed by the special effects.

4. Dragon Awaken

This game was founded in 2010, but during the time, Dragon Awaken players have been increasing. What makes the game is interesting because you will be a heroic fantasy character. Your job is collecting the dragons, improve your armors, and tune into every combat. Once you are succeeded to push bad the evils, you will get the level up. Build the right team so you will be the winner.

5. Super Mario

Who doesn’t know this fun game? This game was actually for Nintendo in 1996. But it is finally developed into many versions. There is nothing important for Mario than the princess. So, be a hero to help the princess free. All you have to do is follow the direction until you meet the princess.

There are a lot of game types but playing the RPG games makes you fully in role. Those five online RPG games no download above are worth to play. Just believe that it feels addictive once you are successfully complete all missions.

where to go to avoid spring breakers

The Option Where To Go To Avoid Spring Breakers Crowded

Spring break usually occurs in March until early April. This is a lot of people take advantage of for a vacation. However, because of this some infrastructure in tourist destinations is becoming crowded. So you can’t really enjoy vacation time comfortably. Therefore, some of these places can be destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers.

1. Vancouver Island

To fill spring break, usually, people prefer to go to the beach area. One option is Vancouver Island. With views and friendly weather, the island has less desirable tourist attractions. The most important thing is Vancouver Island is not the mainspring break destination. Besides hotel rates, there are cheaper than summer.

2. Montreal in Canada

Your choice of spring break destination is Montreal in Canada. There are many things you can do there such as exploring the charming cobbled streets of Old Montreal. Besides resting at the Notre-Dame Basilique or taking an afternoon stroll among the flowers at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Even the view at night will still amaze your eyes.

3. Southern Baja California in Mexico

This place can be one of the destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers. Southern Baja California is a coastal area with green water. In addition, there are rock cliffs that are unique and beautiful. Therefore, this place is suitable for activities such as kayaking and swimming with sea lions.

4. Tampa Bay in Florida

This place is not the most popular tourist destination during spring break in Florida. Even so, there are about 35 miles of coastal territory in Tampa Bay. There you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach between tall buildings. In addition, this place has another charm that is along the road in Tampa Bay many craft craftsmen. That way you can bring unique gifts for family or friends.

5. Exumas in the Bahamas

The amazing view of the Bahamas requires you to visit it when spring breaks to come. There are about 700 islands there with very clear seawater. In addition, Exumas as a 130-mile long island is very famous for its untouched beaches. Apart from that, you can relax more at Great Exuma and Little Exuma.

6. Guadeloupe

This place can also be a destination where to avoid spring breakers. Caribbean Island is a French foreign department that has not been visited by many people. There you can enjoy the beautiful and original Karibian beach views. Even you can feel the atmosphere of the Caribbean itself. Therefore, it’s a shame if you miss this place as a tourist destination to avoid spring break this year.

7. Positano

Amalfi Coast of Italy in Positano is one of the tourist attractions that are quite popular in the summer. However, in the spring this place is very peaceful so it is suitable for you to make a vacation destination. In early April, you can enjoy the warm weather in Positano. In addition, the scenery around the city is very beautiful with the buildings there.

That’s 7 places that can be destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers. To enjoy a vacation comfortably, then you must go to places that are peaceful. Therefore, you can choose one of these places as one of your spring vacation destinations.

best tips for wearing overall

The List Of Best Tips For Wearing Overall For Ladies

Overall is a women’s clothing is timeless.  Every time overall is always there.  This outfit is synonymous with fun.  Therefore, many teenagers wear this type of clothing.  Almost every woman has at least one or two types of overalls as her clothing collection.  Thus, you should know a few tips so that overall wears are fashionable.  The following will be explained about the best tips for wearing overall, namely:

1. Wear T-shirts with Neutral Colors

The best pair for overalls is a t-shirt.  It should be noted, the use of t-shirts should not be patterned or have a motif that collides with the overall color.  One of the best tips for wearing overall is to use neutral colored shirts.  Because overall has a motif that is quite detailed, so you have to use neutral colored shirts.

Black and white are the right colors, especially for denim overalls.  Thus, it can look simple but still fashionable.  Especially for those of you who have multiple colors overall.  Neutral color choices can adjust to other overalls. Even if you have bought a package with the inner, you can still replace the inner with neutral colors.

2. Wearing Shoes that Appropriate

There are many types of shoes on the market, including fitting types of sneakers, shoes, high heels, flat shoes, and others. In order to stay fashionable, use appropriate shoes.  The choice of sneakers and flat shoes can match the clothes you wear.

For those of you who are feminine at heart, you can choose flat shoes to perfect your look when wearing overalls.  Various styles of flat shoes will further enhance your appearance.  For those of you who want to look a little sporty, you can choose sneakers, so they can give the impression of chick and sportiness.

3. Wearing T-Shirt That Fits Right In The Body

Basically, overalls have a loose shape, so it looks like greatness.  Therefore, you must know the best tips for wearing overall is to wear t-shirts that fit the body, so they won’t look fat.

Women are very avoiding to look fat, so using overalls should use a shirt that fits in the body so you can look fashionable without having to look fat.

4.    Using Simple Accessories

Overall has a fairly detailed form and pattern.  Therefore, use simple accessories so as not to overdo it. Because overalls have a fairly excessive shape on the chest, therefore avoid using necklaces with excessive shape as well.

Using a simple necklace is much better, or not to use it at all.  Wearing overalls is better to add accessories such as bracelets and earrings – only.  These accessories can enhance your appearance when using overall. If you want to continue to use accessories, then it is better to prioritize bracelets and earrings, thus, you can still look fashionable without seeming excessive.

5.   Wearing Inner That Can Absorb Sweat

The use of Inner when using overalls should be able to absorb sweat.  That is because, when using overalls, body temperature rises more and because of heat.  Using overalls like wearing two clothes, namely Inner and outer.

So, the last from this list of best tips for wearing overalls is to use clothes that absorb sweat.  Thus, wearing overalls will feel more comfortable, without feeling too hot. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose inner from T-shirt material.

Those are some of the best tips for wearing overalls that you can try. Thus, now you can pull your best look in wearing one!

best offline games for android high graphics

5 Best Offline Games For Android High Graphics You Should Try

Games with high graphics will give a great experience for the player. The storyline and surroundings could be felt real. But it will be more fun if you can play even without an internet connection. So, here are 5 best offline games for Android high graphics.

1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Developed by Gameloft SE, this game takes time setting in medieval. The players will be knights that fight against Baal with a European atmosphere. 

There are 3 modes you can play, Event, Fortress, and Campaign. The Event mode can only be played at certain times. In this mode, you have to defeat the enemies that come in the barrage. The goal is to collect as much booty.

Meanwhile, if you want to use multiplayer, choose Fortress. And last, Campaign is the standard mode. By using this mode, you will play based on the storyline and role as a templar knight.

2. Cover Fire: Shooting Games Free

In this game, a player has a role as a sniper and shooter. This game uses third-person shooters as the point of view. For the easier playing in Android, you need to prepare a special controller.

The 3D graphic in Cover Fire is marvelous. You can feel the real characters and surroundings. Your enemy can even be seen from a distance because of the great visual effect. 

However, to get this great visual quality, you need to prepare a large capacity Android. You can still play it with low graphic quality, but it won’t bring maximum experience.

Cover Fire is a modern war and military game. So, for you who are passionate about military things, this game is perfect. Just find any kind of weaponry and combat devices by playing this.

3. Dead Effect 2

Still about a shooting game. But here, your enemies are zombies. Dead Effect 2 has an exciting storyline and full of action. You can feel the tension of the zombies’ threat.

The control button can be controlled properly. For the firing options, there is an auto fire. If you choose it, the gun will fire automatically when you aim a zombie. It will help you to focus to find the target. But you need to beware of the bullet stock.

Dead Effect 2 can be played offline. Besides, it is also free to download. Just search it on Play Store, then you can play it immediately after installing it.

4. Black Ops SWAT 

This game is developed by Craft Action Games and released in August 2019. Although relatively new, Black Ops SWAT has more than 1 million downloads already. 

This offline game has an excellent graphic with a user-friendly interface. You can also control it easily. Playing this will be interesting for the FPS game fans. 

5. Ninja Dash Run

Get fun by playing this game. As a jump and run gameplay, you can play it as a time killer. You can feel an atmosphere of Japanese adventure by playing this game. 

It has more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store and rated 4.4. So no wonder if it is one of the best offline games for Android high graphics.

To match your personality, this game presents various ninja warriors with different skills and weapons. You can control the character to jump and attack, while he does no stopping run.

Those are 5 best offline games for Android high graphics. Just prepare your internet connection to download. Then, you can play them offline all day long. Let’s play happily!

Best food for glucose intolerance

Best Food For Glucose Intolerance, The Easiest Way To Control Blood Sugar

At this age, more and more people have glucose intolerance. It is a condition where there is too much glucose level in the bloodstream as a result of insulin resistance. Therefore, to control the glucose level, there are some treatments that can be done. The easiest and safest way is to change the lifestyle especially the diet. People with glucose intolerance should pay attention to what they eat. And for those people, below is the list of the best food for glucose intolerance. 

1. Foods that Contains High Fiber

The best food for glucose intolerance is high contained fiber foods. These are good because it helps to slow down the rate of carbohydrate absorption. As we know, when carbohydrate is breaking down, it becomes glucose. So, if the system absorbs it too fast, then there will be too much glucose in the bloodstream.

The fruits and beans are examples of high fiber foods. Vegetables such as cabbages, spinaches, and cauliflowers also good for people with glucose intolerance.

2. Protein Rich Food

Protein is a substance needed by our body. Even with glucose intolerance, you still have to pay attention to the intake of protein. Eating red meat, egg, fish, and legumes can help you to fulfill the need for protein. If you get enough protein, the symptom of glucose intolerance can be controlled. And you can control gestational diabetes if you eat enough protein.

3. Oily Fish

If you’re talking about the best food for glucose intolerance then you have to include oily fish. It contains a saturated fat known as omega-3 fat. Eating an oily fish like salmon, mackerel or trout can reduce the possibility of having heart disease that often come with glucose intolerance.

Oily fish also can help you to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Some research even mentions that eating oily fish can increase the sensitivity of insulin. Thus, reduce the level of glucose in the bloodstream.

4. Low Index Glycemic Foods

Index glycemic shows how fast the foods increase the glucose level in the blood. Low index glycemic food increases the glucose level slowly so it’s good for people with glucose intolerance. The examples of low index glycemic food are bran cereals, apples, oranges, black beans, carrots and many more.

If you have glucose intolerance it’s better for you to start to consume low to middle index glycemic foods to prevent your blood sugar increase any further. That’s because uncontrollable blood sugar can turn glucose intolerance into type 2 diabetes.

5. Vitamin C and E

Your body needs an intake of vitamins C and E. Thes are essential to everyone especially to people with glucose intolerance. Vitamin C helps the body to improve glucose tolerance, while vitamin E help to increase the activity of insulin. Eating food that contains vitamin E and C such as tomatoes and oranges can help you to control the sugar blood level. As a result, the glucose level in the bloodstream can decrease to normal.

Glucose intolerance can be the beginning stage of type 2 diabetes. If you don’t control it, who knows when you will develop type 2 diabetes. Increasing physical activities and eat the best food for glucose intolerance can prevent blood sugar to increase any further. 

best places to visit in new zealand

5 Best Places To Visit In New Zealand You Won’t Like To Miss

New Zealand is always fit for everyone who wants to have a new experience. Whether you are a culinary lover, adventurer, or shopaholic, you will get a different sensation there. Thus, there is no excuse not to put this site into your holiday list. Before you book the flight ticket, it is better for you to plan the trip. Below is the list of five best places to visit in New Zealand which you would be regret for sure if not spare the time for it.

best places to visit in new zealand

The other things you should prepare besides the ticket and destination list are the passport and the visa. Make sure your passport is valid at least three months before the departure date. Also, without the visa, you cannot enjoy the best places to visit in New Zealand. But if you are an Australian citizen, a UK citizen or passport holder, or a citizen from the country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand, you won’t need the visa. Just come there and have some fun in these places:

1. Auckland

It is the right place to start exploring New Zealand. This city will amaze you with its local people’s culture. Once you touch New Zealand, you can taste the culinary here because of lots of restaurants and bars along the street. In addition, visit some museums makes you know history and see modern until contemporary arts. If you are brave enough, try the Auckland Bridge bungee jump, or at least the Auckland Bridge Climb.

2. Waiheke Island

It only takes about 30 minutes to get Waiheke Island by boat from downtown Auckland. If you are a wine lover, then this is a must-visited place. We recommend you to join Waiheke Island Wine Tours since this place is a home for the vineyard. You will be guided by the local expert in three vineyards, then taste up to 14 different samples. After that, have lunch at the Mudbrick Vineyard Restaurant.

3. Queenstown

June to October is the right time to visit Queenstown. During the winter and spring, this place is popular as the world-class skiing site. More than that, you are able to enjoy other adventure activities, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, and river rafting. After you feel tired, fulfill your appetite in some restaurants out there. Try the burger from Fergburger, it is the best burger there.

4. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves

If you really something different from your trip, then join a boat tour in the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. During the tour, you will learn the history and phenomenon behind it. It is also worth considering The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company. Sitting on the inner tube, then floating around the pitch-black cave is something you won’t find but there. Also, there are several other adventures you can choose.

5. Muriwai Beach

Before you leave New Zealand, take a ride from Auckland city center to the west and you will arrive in Muriwai Beach. It only takes 40 minutes to visit the beautiful place to see a sunset on the black sand. Or, perhaps, you want to try surfing at the beach, then this is the beach. Also, see the Gannet Colony. You will get a strange sensation when they are flying over your head.

Knowing that New Zealand has a thousand places to go, you must want to be back there again and again. Those five best places to visit in New Zealand above are great choices if it is your first time. No matter you are on a solo trip or together with friends, spending time in New Zealand gives you unforgettable memory to remember.

home remedies for uti

Natural Home Remedies For UTI Infections

UTI or what people usually call Urinary Tract Infections to become a common health problem. This infection can happen both to men and women, but women are the most likely to get this infection. Besides, menopause becomes the reason behind it. Therefore, many people want to know home remedies for UTI.

home remedies for uti

You don’t need to worry because there are some natural home remedies for urinary tract infection. However, there are five ways that you can do easily at home as follows.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil will give you comfort and an effective remedy for your sore throat. It’s no wonder that people with urinary tract infections should apply this tree oil for antibacterial properties. Plus, this oil will help the sufferer to fight the bacteria causing the infections.

Before having a shower, you can put ten drops of the oil into your bathwater. Plus, it’s no wonder that you can use it to wash your urethra. This is the solution for your UTI that you can do once per day for three or four days.

2. Blueberries

Apart from its delicious taste, blueberries have a lot of roles for our bodies. That’s why you can use blueberries to treat your UTI. Blueberries have antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. The antioxidants will help you to prevent the growth of the UTI bacteria.

You can add blueberries into your cereal for your breakfast. Plus, if you like blueberries juice, then you can just make it. Blueberries will work for you if you have it at least twice a day. However, because this is your medicine, so you mustn’t add any sweetener.

3. Vinegar Of Apple

As you know, apple vinegar is going to be your antibiotic which is good to cure the infections. This vinegar is rich in minerals and also potassium and enzymes. This vinegar will help you to prevent bacteria from multiplying and growing. Moreover

You can add two teaspoons of this vinegar into a glass of cool water. This is going to be the perfect drink for you that you can drink twice a day.

4. Baking Soda

It’s obvious that you must have baking soda in your kitchen especially if you like making a cake. Baking soda is the perfect home remedies for UTI. It’s because baking soda contains alkaline properties that are good in neutralizing acids.

Furthermore, people suffering from UTI will feel a burning sensation with this remedy. However, it will reduce the pain as well. You can only add 1 teaspoon in a glass of water and consume it twice a day.

5. Pineapple

You might wonder about this fruit and how this fruit help UTI sufferer. It’s because pineapple has an enzyme that is good to decrease UTI symptoms. Moreover, Bromelain, the enzymes, contains inflammatory agents.

A cup of pineapple is pretty good to prevent UTI. On the other hand, if you like pineapple juice, you can also make it from half of a pineapple. It’s better to use fresh pineapple for treatment and prevention.

The five ways of home remedies for UTI above will help you to treat your infections and prevent it. Additionally, all the ingredients above are so easy to find in your kitchen or in the fridge.

Playtech Adds Age Of The Gods Series

Playtech has supplanted its strongly famous Marvel hero arrangement with Age of the Gods dependent on Greek folklore. The quality is there however the numbers have been needing. Presently Playtech and master88 has added to the Age of the Gods arrangement through another video opening titled Mighty Midas. Midas was the ruler who could change over things into gold with a touch. Compelling Midas is live at Playtech online club like Casino Tropez.

The opening machine has five reels and four lines with 40 fixed paylines. The lucrative images are characters from the folklore that seem extended more than two lines. They are driven by Mighty Midas that grants the top line payout of multiple times the line wager. Different characters are most likely the individuals that he contacted into gold and incorporate his little girl. The low paying images are a portion of the items that Midas transforms into gold.

The Midas Touch include reproduces the occasions in the legend. The Midas Touch image is a hand that focuses to one side. It changes over the image on the left of it into a brilliant wild image. Furthermore other like images on the reels will likewise be changed into a brilliant wild. The Midas Touch images will fall from the reels and be supplanted by new ones. All the while, if a Midas Touch image focuses to a brilliant wild it builds the multiplier, first to 2x and afterward to 3x. The Midas Touch images can show up just on reels 3, 4 or 5.

The dissipate image is a jeweled pentagon. At the point when it arrives on reels 1 and 5 in a similar turn, you click on one of the images to be arbitrarily granted triggers one of five extra highlights. The Emerald Bonus uncovers a money prize and a multiplier. You duplicate the two for your payout. The Ruby Spins grants a multiplier to the brilliant wild image that can run from 5x to 25x. The Amber Spins highlight changes over a haphazardly picked image into a brilliant wild image. The Sapphire Spins highlight adds 55 wild images to pull 2 in the primary turn, 40 wild images to bring 3 in the subsequent turn and 65 wild images to bring 4 in the third turn. You get 5 Sapphire Spins altogether. The Amethyst Spins has all Midas Touch images twofold stacked on the reels. Forceful Midas video opening is associated with the Age of the Gods dynamic bonanza organize.

Where to go while in dublin

5 Top Lists On Where To Go While In Dublin

Dublin is the capital of beautiful Ireland and is also a tourist attraction in Western Europe. Moreover, Dublin not only has attractive downtown attractions, but there are also amazing natural attractions. If you have plans to go to Dublin, you should know where to go while in Dublin.

So, you do not miss the famous tourist attractions there. Besides, you will also get a pleasant experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Here are 5 tourist attractions in Dublin so that you are not confused about where to go while in Dublin:

1. Dublin Castle

Dublin is a city, which has a long history and ancient buildings. Therefore, you must visit the Dublin Castel when you visit this city. This building is a castle with a height of 9 meters and its age is more than 800 years.

Moreover, this building has an area of approximately 4.4 hectares and is located on Dame Street. The leader of Ireland in the 12th century, namely King John build this castle. You can visit it every day during visiting hours, which is from 10:00 to 16:00 local time.

2. Phoenix Park

This park is a beautiful city park and is located on the Liffey River. Nevertheless, the location is not so far from the city center, which is only about 2 kilometers. Having an area of 707 hectares, Phoenix Park has existed since 1662 ago.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of a different city by visiting there. With grass and footpaths, this park is also the best place to see deer.

3. Kilmainham Gaol

If you want to visit interesting and strange attractions, you can visit this prison museum. This building was once a prison and was built around 1796 under the name New Gaol. This prison was built to replace the old underground prison.

Moreover, this prison is important because it is one of the buildings related to the history of Ireland. Now the Dublin government manages this museum and you can visit it from 9.30 until 18:00 local time.

4. St. Stephen’s Green

You don’t need to question where to go while in Dublin because you can visit this beautiful park. This park is in the center of Dublin and you can visit this park as an alternative city tour. This park is also an old park because it has been existing since 1664.

Even though it only has an area of around 9 hectares, this park is an important tourist attraction in Dublin. Not only as a historic old park but also as a green open area in the middle of urban areas.

5. National Museum of Ireland

This museum has several sections and each section has its theme. There are 4 sections in this museum: natural history, country life, archeology, and decorative arts and history.

The archeology museum is the most famous museum and the most visited by tourists compared to other sections of the museum. This is because the museum has several Irish collections from prehistoric times.

You don’t need to confuse where to go while in Dublin. This is because you can visit those tourist attractions, which will add to your experience and knowledge. From five of the tourists’ attractions above, which one do you want to visit the most?