best fashion week program in asia

About Jakarta Fashion Week, One Of The Best Fashion Week Program In Asia

best fashion week program in asia

Jakarta fashion week is the best fashion week program in Asia since 2008. In addition, it enlivens the fashion stage in overseas countries. Jakarta fashion week is consist of many designers and many fashions and interesting creations.

About Jakarta Fashion Week

The best fashion week program in Asia start running on 2008. Jakarta fashion week is a big dip for the Indonesian fashion industry. This program is the largest and most influential annual fashion week in Asia. The Jakarta fashion week program is to be able to deliver the Indonesian fashion industry to enter the fashion market worldwide.

Designer of one of the best fashion week programs in Asia

The Jakarta fashion week program has many designers who contribute to this program. There are more than 60 designers who come to enliven Jakarta fashion week every year. For example, there are some well-known designers namely Zaskia Sungkar, Amanda Indah Lestari, Chitra Subiyakto, and many more.

In Jakarta Fashion Week’s official website, grouping the designer in alphabetical order. So, in jakarta fashion week can know more about the designer, just look for the name on the alphabetical link provided.

Project from Jakarta Fashion Week

As a result, be the best fashion week program in Asia, Jakarta Fashion Week has three projects to run the program. The projects include the Indonesia Fashion Forward, LPM Menswear, and Fashionlink. Here’s the explanation.

1. Indonesia Fashion Forward

The Indonesia Fashion Forward Program is a concrete step to make Indonesian fashion a true industry so, it can penetrate the international market. In this program, there is a synergy between designers to prove creativity to buyers which will consider.

The seriousness of the Jakarta fashion week program is namely of facilitating the stage to showcase the work of designers. In addition, it is verification of the establishment Indonesia Fashion Forward program.

2. LPM Menswear

The Menswear fashion design competition (LPM Menswear) is here to be a forum for meetings between stakeholders. This program was first held in 2017. As a result in that year, this program had a winner, Galuh Nurita with his work Langenastro. In 2018, the program will be work again.

Eleska Sutanto with his work, Stripe Tribe, became the overall champion in this program. Four winners displayed their collections at Fashion Nation 13 in Senayan City, namely Galuh Nurita, Temma Prasetyo, and two others.

3. Fashion Link

Fashion link is a Jakarta fashion week program to bridge the designers, industry players, and fashion consumers. Consists of Fashion link Showroom and Fashion link Market. As a matter of fact, this idea aims to build industrial infrastructure and become a commercial forum for reaching global markets.

Those are some things about Jakarta Fashion Week which is one of the best fashion week program in Asia. Connoisseurs of modern fashion will certainly take the time to come to this program every year.

The best fashion week program in Asia, in 2019 started the event on October 22, 2019, to October 28, 2019. This program takes place in Senayan City, Jakarta. Also, the time of implementation at the opening and closing every day is different. For the opening ceremony, the earliest starts at 10:00 at West Indonesia Time. Whereas, for the closing event ended at 21:30.