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The Best Destinations to Visit in Taiwan

As one of the most crowded places in the world, Taiwan is known as one of the countries that never sleeps. Almost 24 hours, every corner of Taiwan is full of people, working or just doing certain activities. Taiwan is known for its busy streets, with its many businesses in the country. However, away from its busy streets, Taiwan has many interesting destinations that people must visit when they come here. Some of the best destinations to visit in Taiwan are in small areas.

 Taiwan is very famous for its culture and people. In this country, people can learn and see more about their culture and religion. It is unique and just different from other places. Just check out some of these best destinations to visit in Taiwan:

1. Kaohsiung

The city that is always full of energy and life, Kaohsiung is a city that will always be a favorite for tourists. Even though the city is the third crowded city in Taiwan, but Kaohsiung offers beautiful scenery. People can enjoy the views of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and walking. The great weather all year supports visitors to do these activities. The city also has a lot of historical sites such as museums and temples that people can visit.

 2. Wulai

When spring comes, coming to Wulai is usually an option that people will choose. Famous for its hot spring, people like to come here to swim and just relax in the warm water. If you are an outdoor lover, then this is the perfect place to spend. Here, you can go hiking in the forest while seeing the birds flying. Or go fishing in the river where there are many fishes to eat or just to fish. If this is not enough, visitors can go camping in the wild while seeing the beautiful sky.

 3. Kenting National Park

As one of the oldest national parks in Taiwan, Kenting is still a popular destination for many tourists. Here, people can enjoy the beautiful and clean beach with warm weather. The fauna and flora also support the environment making it more attracting than other parks. A must-see attraction here is the huge Eluanbi Lighthouse which is only available in this city. Other than that, every year the park holds a famous spring scream festival that delivers many singers around the world.

 4. Alishan National Scenic Area

This must be one of the best destinations to visit in Taiwan because it is just wild and wonderful. There are more than twenty-five mountains that is as high as two thousand meters and more surrounding in one place. With the clouds surrounding it, just imagine how beautiful the place is! There are many trails and paths that people can go through to get the best view. Whichever path you choose, it is all stunning and amazing to see!

 5. Taroko National Park

A beautiful nature in Taiwan is the Taroko National Park. The caving of the rocks has been done centuries ago and has held strong until today. Here, people like to come just to look at the stunning scenery. But some others do like to go for rafting to feel the river. Come here when they hold the Taroko Music Festival, where you can enjoy music and nature at once.

The best destinations to visit in Taiwan must be between Alishan and Taroko National Park. Because they offer something rare in other places. But, other nature places in Taiwan is still worth to visit if you have time. Therefore, make sure to have enough time on your vacation to visit these places in Taiwan.  

Where To Visit In Hamburg, If You Only Have A Day

Hamburg is one of the tourism destinations in Germany. This city has a great view and a lot of pleasure points. Actually, there are more than 10/places you can visit while going there.

But what if there is only a day to do the city tour, is there any recommended place where to visit in Hamburg? If it happens to you and you want to make a tour plan, make sure to write this list down.

1. Looking at the Beautiful View Alster

In Hamburg, you can see a beautiful lake called Alster. Here a lot of people like to spend their spare time.

The blue water and the view of many buildings around it will make you feel relax and happy. No need to go far to have a chill time.

Just sit down there and enjoy the view while drinking some tea or coffee. There you can see some swan above the water too.

The government is even very good at taking care of the swans. Alster Swan is being protected there. They have never been sold, but the government likes to give them to another country.

So they will not be extinct but also not too much to stay in that lake. People will still comfortable to do some activity there.

With the beautiful view of the lake and everything interesting there, of course, Alster is one of the most recommended places of where to visit in Hamburg.

2. Landungsbrucken, Place to See Hamburg’s Harbor

The next destination is Landungsbrucken, which is located on the edge of Hamburg. This city is also known as a harbor city.

So you need to go there to see how big and crowded the harbor is. There you can see a lot of ships and walk inside Elbe’s Tunnel.

Further, near this harbor, tourists also can see some theater shows on the opposite side of Elbe. There is also a ferry which can carry tourist to do a short tour.

3. Going to Sternschanze

The other place which is beautiful and is the right place to spend time with friends is Sternschanze. From the station, you can walk and find a lot of bars, cafes, or restaurants.

All of this place is pretty and have their own uniqueness. Come to the cafe and see the interior design of it while sipping hot chocolate is a great thing to do in the afternoon or night.

This place is nice to visit when you need to take some deep breaths after doing hard work. Or be a nice place to meet someone new too.

4. See the Miniature of Many Things in “Miniatur Wunderland”

The fourth place to visit in Hamburg is the Miniatur Wunderland. Here you can see many things in a tiny size.

Even all the things are minimized the detail is still can see clearly. The artist makes every single thing here seriously.

You can see a big miniature of the train and railway. Then many iconic buildings in the world. The most wanted thing to see there is a miniature of many railways. Not only the Germany railway but also some beautiful railway in Europe.

You can visit this place with your kids and tell them so many stories about the miniature. It would be a great experience for them.

5. Adults Traveling Destination in Reeperbahn

The last place which is the most visited place in Hamburg is Reeperbahn. Actually, this place is made for adults.

There are a lot of clubs there. This place provides many nightlife entertainments. You can find an old unique cafe, night festival, cabaret, and many exciting things.

Hamburg actually needs to explore more than a day. But that five-place can interpret Hamburg as a great tourism destination.

Make sure to book your hotel before going to Hamburg, so your day will be more efficient. You can also find the best price of the ticket if you research it online a few days before going here.

The 5 Best Things To Do In Virginia Beach Before You Die

Virginia beach is known for having many interesting tourist attractions. Do not be confused because there are a lot of things to do in Virginia Beach before you die. You certainly will not miss it all because all of these things are very exciting for you to do.

You can do many things both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, this beach can accommodate all tourists of various ages. If you are interested, here are things to do in Virginia Beach:

1.     Visiting the Virginia Aquarium

The first thing you can do in Virginia Beach is visiting the Virginia Aquarium. In this aquarium, you will explore the Atlantic Ocean and see thousands of animals of more than 300 species. This aquarium is very educational, enticing, and entertaining.

You can do a lot of activities here. Examples of activities that you can do here are doing adventures in adventure parks and taking boat trips. You can also take part in many exciting private events. If you like seafood, you can taste very good seafood here.

2.     Parasailing

If you like adventure, you can try parasailing here. You will see incredible views in the Atlantic waters. If you are lucky, you can also see a group of dolphins in the Atlantic waters. Of course, this will be an experience you will never forget.

Here, there are certified parasails that guarantee your safety. A professional parasail operator will also guide you. You can do parasail singly, tandem, or even triple. Do not miss the exciting experience of parasailing on Virginia Beach.

3.     Skydiving

You cannot guarantee that when you come here, the Virginia Beach area has friendly weather. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare other options when you go here. One of the things to do in Virginia Beach is skydiving. This is because skydiving can be done indoors.

The first time you try this, you will feel like skydiving while jumping out of a plane. Super-sophisticated vertical wind tunnels will create incredible wind speeds that can give you the sensation of free fall. No need to panic because trained and professional instructors will guide you.

4.     Surfing

This beach is famous as a surfing place that has many famous surfers in the world. An international surfing contest is often held here. For example, the East Coast Surfing Championships and the Logstradamus Festival of Vibes.

This beach is not only for professional surfers but also amateur surfers can enjoy the perfect waves here. Therefore, this beach is the best place for all levels of experience for surfers. If you only like to enjoy the surfers, you can watch it while listening to live music here.

5.     Kayaking and Canoeing

You can also explore the beauty of Virginia Beach by kayak. The number of local waterways makes kayaking always a favorite activity of tourists. You can kayaking using your own equipment or rent it here.

The waters are very calm and have low traffic so it is suitable for every level of expertise. You can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset when you are kayaking. Furthermore, you will see the charm of cypress trees and Spanish moss that you rarely see.

Those are the things to do in Virginia Beach you will happy to try. There are still many things you can explore on this beach. However, before trying anything else, you must first try one of the 5 activities that you can do on the Virginia Beach.

The Best Beach In Orange County That Will Amazes Many Visitors

Orange County is a district located in the southeast of Los Angeles, California. Orange County Beach is vulnerable, which is to because by plankton species that is a summer phenomenon. However, there are some of the best beach in Orange County that amazes the visitors who come to them.

1. Crystal Cove State Park

One of California’s most famous and crowded beaches visited by tourists. Crystal Cove State Park is a series of several beach tours, including Moro Beach which is very famous for the Pelican Point tour.

More than just beach tourism, but this American Crystal Cove State Park destination has hiking trails too, bro. Track as far as 18 miles with 2,400 ha of wild nature in the background this is one of the attractions of the coast of California this one bro.

This experience of exploring Crystal Cove State Park is guaranteed to be one of the best tourist experiences in southern California. Crystal cove state park is one of the best beach in Orange County.

2. Laguna Main Beach

Main Beach is a busy city beach in the middle of Laguna. This small beach attracts many visitors, especially in summer. This beach faces a large bay overlooking the southwest. On weekends, street artists and musicians gather along the sidewalks.

At night, the Main Beach beach road is a destination for a walk for lovers. Visitors who come in talk about how they can reach the city. Visitors think that the sand is clean. My only complaint is it’s hard to find a parking space nearby.

One of its best icons is its location. Really in the “main” part of the city, right across the street from shops and restaurants.

3. Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington State Beach is a long, narrow beach that stretches for miles south of the city of Huntington Beach. In this beach have a power station in the east. Near the southern end of the beach is a nature reserve for nesting sites from California Least Tern. This area is fenced in to protect the birds, but visitors can see them with binoculars.

In addition at this beach, sand is picked up by the employee. So usually visitors will find it clean. Unfortunately, many visitors cannot say about toilets which are often to mention as dirty or smelly. Please bring your hand sanitizer and hold breath is the solution.

4. The Wedge

The Wedge is a collection of beaches recognize by large waves. There are have some waves which high as 9.1 meters. This area is famous for surfers and body boards, as well as spectators who gather to cheer. So this epic wave, quite strange, is man-made. They are the result of jets near which were fostered in the 1930s.

In addition to presenting the eyes with a view of each beach, there are things that visitors can do there. For example, playing volleyball, lighting a campfire, surfing, and much more. Moreover, those are some of the best beach in Orange County that can be the recommendation. Don’t miss the opportunity to vacation in Orange County.

What to do in yogyakarta

What To Do In Yogyakarta For a Pleasant Vacation

What to do in yogyakarta

Located in the middle of the island of Java with tourist destinations that are famous to overseas. Jogja and all its contents never fail to anesthetize pedestrians to come exploring Jogja. Jogja is a city with a thousand charms. What to do in Yogyakarta for a pleasant holiday?

1. Stay at Homestay

The thing is often asked by travelers when they want to come to stay overnight in Yogyakarta. Certainly, Malioboro became the first recommendation. Jogja has always been the best place to take a break from routine.

For backpackers with a mediocre traveling budget, they will choose cheap lodging and budget hotels. While for those who have more budget, will choose classy hotel accommodations. So when you are in Yogyakarta, you don’t need to be confused about what to do in Yogyakarta.

Jogja has several lodging centers, namely Malioboro, Prawirotaman, homestays in Sleman or Bantul, and star hotels. However, if you want to stay while enjoying the atmosphere of Jogja, stay at the homestay. Many homestays are available both in urban areas and in the suburbs of Jogja.

2. Traveling Around Yogyakarta

Besides staying in a homestay, what should be done in Yogyakarta? Visiting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is one of the answers. Exploring tourism in Yogyakarta will not be possible in a week or two. However, you can go to places that become Jogja’s traveling icons.

Visiting the north of Jogja, you can choose Merapi Lava Tour to walk the foot of Mount Merapi. Moving east of Jogja, going around Prambanan Temple is the right choice. Then proceed to Ratu Boko Temple to hunt for sunset. There are dozens of beaches from Gunung Kidul to Bantul.

Turning to the west of Jogja, you will enjoy the Menoreh plateau region. There are Suroloyo Peak, tea gardens, chrysanthemum flower gardens, Maria caves, to the Sermo. In the city of Jogja itself, you can enjoy Malioboro, Benteng Vredeburg. And Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Sari, until the Tugu Jogja.

3. Down The Malioboro Street to 0 Km Yogyakarta

What to do in Yogyakarta when exploring the available tours? The answer is down to Malioboro Street. Because Malioboro is a very famous street in Jogja.

Malioboro is the legendary Jogja shopping center. Malioboro which started to become a pedestrian area is highly recommended. Namely by enjoying walking from north to south, the KM 0 Jogja area.

Malioboro never dies, always lives with a variety of activities for 24 hours. Along the Malioboro road, we will see the crowds of street vendors and shops lined up. Being in KM 0 Jogja, you will see many people gathered, selling or hanging out at the zero points of Jogja.

4. Relax in Angkringan

Angkringan is a food stall consisting of carts and is usually sell of food on the roadside. Prices of food and drinks are sold relatively cheaply. With a mandatory menu of cat rice and hot tea.

Usually, Angkringan starts to open in the afternoon until midnight. Angkringan is in any corner of Jogja. Relax in Angkringan is one of the things what to do in Yogyakarta.

Some Angkringan that you should visit are Angkringan Tugu Station, Angkringan near the KR newspaper office, and KM 0 Jogja. Relaxing at the Angkringan while eating and drinking and telling stories has become part of the activities of Jogja residents.

That’s are the activity that can be a choice when you are in Yogyakarta. There are many more activities, what to do in Yogyakarta for a pleasant vacation. It is better not to miss interesting things like the explanation above, when visiting Yogyakarta.

best travel backpack

The 5 Best Travel Backpack You Should Have

best travel backpack

Traveling has become the most popular thing nowadays. However, you will need the equipment that supports the trip to make it easier and more comfortable. The backpack is one of the traveling equipment to store your equipment more practical. But, make sure you have the best travel backpack with you.

The best travel for backpacking has many characteristics, for example, lightweight, durable, and stylish. If you want to buy one of them, make sure that your backpack has those characteristics. Here are 5 best travel backpacks you should have to make your traveling more exciting:

1. Tortuga Setout

If you look for a lightweight travel backpack, Tortuga Setout is the best choice. This backpack is high quality, so no wonder that this backpack is so pricey. Tortuga Setout is so versatile; you can bring this for short or even short trips.

This backpack has two versions, 35L and 45L versions. Each version has certain features. Generally, this backpack has many features, such as clamshell, harness, hip belt, and even load lifter. So, you can choose the best version of Tortuga Setout according to your preference.

2. Peak Design

If you are a frequent traveler, this backpack will suit you. This backpack is so perfect because it has magnetic pouches, clever storage spaces, and hidden straps. The design is even thoughtful and steady.

Do not worry about the weight because this backpack is just 2.05kg. The original capacity is 35L but you can expand it to 45L. If you need more features, you can look for the accessories for this backpack.

3. Osprey Farpoint

This backpack is a front-loading backpack and it will easier for you to load your luggage. Osprey Farpoint has a comfortable suspension system so you feel lighter carrying it. So, this backpack is perfect for backpacking and hosteling.

If you want to bring your laptop when traveling, you can use this backpack. It is because Osprey Farpoint has a laptop and organizer compartment. This backpack has a lockable zipper to make you more secure. The design of this backpack is so impressive; it still holds its shape when unloaded.

4. Osprey Porter

This backpack is suitable for a short trip because it has a thin harness. But, this backpack has excellent side pockets and travel organizers. So, it will make you easier to store your luggage.

If you are a general traveler, this backpack is perfect for you. You can still bring your laptop in this backpack because it has a laptop compartment at the back. The stiff outer shell of this backpack makes your backpack more secure and can protect your stuff well.

5. Nomatic

This backpack has extremely clever features, so you can complete your needs with additional accessories. Moreover, this backpack is highly weather-resistant and the exterior is so sturdy. Unfortunately, this design of the backpack looks a little bit stiff.

You will have a lot of compartments in this backpack. So, you can separate your stuff by using the compartments. If you are a business traveler, this backpack is suits you well. It has a shirt and shoe compartment to keep your things in place.

Do not choose the wrong backpack because you will risk your trip. Choose one of the best travel backpack to make your trip more enjoyable. Make sure you choose all the features according to your needs.