Famous Muslim Designers Around The World You Should Know

Fashion industry change so fast. Even more in this disruption world, fashion needs to adjust quickly. Interestingly, Muslim who has always been discredit as nothing in fashion starts to emerge and evolve. Moslem fashion designs are now something to pay attention to. Here is the list of famous Muslim designers around the world:

1. Hana Tajima

The first in the list of famous Muslim designers around the world is Hana Tajima. Since her collaboration with Uniqlo, her name became more famous. But long before that, her face is very familiar with YouTube with her hijab tutorial. Therefore, she became a trendsetter on how to wear a hijab. She has many followers and has been a role model since her first appearance.

When Hana Tajima turns 17, she decided to convert to Islam. Her Japanese mother and England father reportedly agree on it. Her style of design is chic and simple. No wonder that teenagers love her style and follow her. Besides, people assume her style as functional and casual.

2. Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi is a talented Muslim designer from Indonesia. She finds herself passionate in fashion since her early childhood. She used to draw on the back of her school book and it turns out to be her true passion. Meanwhile, she starts her career in the fashion industry after joining ESMOD.

Dian’s design is vibrant and unique. Additionally, she uses various colors and a tye-dye as her signature. Besides, she often adds cultural material to her design and uses to use traditional fabric. Not so long ago, she appears in London Fashion Week to promote her fashion line.

3. Ibtihaj Muhammad

She is the owner of Louella. More importantly, she is the first American woman who wears a hijab when competing in Olympic. Most importantly, she won and earn a bronze medal with her team, Team Sabre. Her fashion label becomes a favorite among common people and especially Moslem.

Not only because of the quality of the product, but also the message of Moslem women empowerment. She launches her label in 2014, and produce many items such as dresses, jumpsuits, and accessories. Besides, the price of her product is affordable. So, many Moslem women now consider her as their favorite designer.

4. Marwa Atik

Marwa Atik is a Syrian but born and raised in California. She is famous for designing a veil, and her line is Vela. Now, Vela has become a leading brand in the Moslem fashion industry. Meanwhile, her design is known for coupling ruffles and zippers. No wonder that Vela is a must-wear item for Moslem women around the globe.

5. Iman Aldele

Talking about her is talking about the turban. Despite critic pointed to her due to her orthodox environment, she keeps pushing the barrier. Meanwhile, she focusses on designing a turban and sell it in an exclusive store in Paris to New York. Many people consider Iman Aldele is a chain breaker for Moslem women.

The fashion industry for Moslem society is tough. Not only because of the stereotype but also of Islamophobia spreading around the world. Therefore, the existence of the famous Muslim designers around the world is very important.