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Unique Transportation From Around The World You Should Know

What do you use when traveling to one place to another place? It is transportation isn’t is? From ancient times, people use transportation to travel. And as the time and the technology advance, so it does for transportation. In the past time, you will not find advance transportation like a car, or train. But now, when technology is advance you will find many kinds of transportation. Some of them even look very different from the normal one. You can say that they are unique. So what are the unique transportation from around the world? Let’s check out.

1. Bamboo Train

When talking about the train, almost everybody knows about it. But have you ever heard about bamboo train? It is a transportation that can be found in Cambodia. It is made from bamboo planking, frame board, generator, and reused military tanks wheels.

Not only can carry people, but the bamboo train also carries cargo. Though it is a little unique, the bamboo train still dangerous transportation. As for the reason, since it uses the spur line you have to be careful. That’s because when the real train is coming, you must jump off from your ride.

2.  Tuktuk

Tuktuk is one of the unique transportation from around the world. When you coming to India, you will find this transportation. Originally, it comes from Thailand. It has three wheels and an engine. If you take a glance, it looks like a three-wheels bicycle.

Though it originally comes from Thailand, this transportation is popular in India. And only in India where chaotic road and traffic-swerving drivers make it thrilling and exciting transportation. You can ride tuk-tuk with one another person and also a suitcase. And then let’s having fun exploring New Delhi with tuk-tuk.


There is a lot of unique transportation from around the world. Zorb is one of them. Do you know Zorb? It is transportation that comes from New Zealand. Its shape is a sphere with thick air. You can imagine it as a giant transparent ball that will roll. When you want to go around with the Zorb you can go as an individual or multiperson. Also, you can choose to ride it dry or wet. Overall, this transportation will make your trip around New Zealand more thrilling.

4. Dog Sleds

Motor transportation is more than normal to hear. After all, you can almost find it anywhere. What about animal transportation? While it is rarely heard, but the horse isn’t unusual transportation. But what if it is dog transportation. Wow, surely you almost never heard of it.

But in Norway, you will find this transportation. There are dog-sledding trips that allow you to feel how to ride transportation pulled by dogs. You can enjoy the trip through a beautiful winter landscape near the Arctic.

5. Suspension Railway

Suspension Railway or Electric Elevated Railway Installation, Eugen Langen System is transportation in German. It looks like a normal train. But of course, it is not a normal train. It hanging up on the railway, unlike a normal train. And it got a unique system too.

That’s a little part of unique transportation from around the world. There are so many things we don’t know about this world. Even it is just transportation. So, embrace yourselves to experience all the unique things in the world include transportation. And that’s when you understand how fascinating this world is.