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where to go to avoid spring breakers

The Option Where To Go To Avoid Spring Breakers Crowded

Spring break usually occurs in March until early April. This is a lot of people take advantage of for a vacation. However, because of this some infrastructure in tourist destinations is becoming crowded. So you can’t really enjoy vacation time comfortably. Therefore, some of these places can be destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers.

1. Vancouver Island

To fill spring break, usually, people prefer to go to the beach area. One option is Vancouver Island. With views and friendly weather, the island has less desirable tourist attractions. The most important thing is Vancouver Island is not the mainspring break destination. Besides hotel rates, there are cheaper than summer.

2. Montreal in Canada

Your choice of spring break destination is Montreal in Canada. There are many things you can do there such as exploring the charming cobbled streets of Old Montreal. Besides resting at the Notre-Dame Basilique or taking an afternoon stroll among the flowers at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Even the view at night will still amaze your eyes.

3. Southern Baja California in Mexico

This place can be one of the destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers. Southern Baja California is a coastal area with green water. In addition, there are rock cliffs that are unique and beautiful. Therefore, this place is suitable for activities such as kayaking and swimming with sea lions.

4. Tampa Bay in Florida

This place is not the most popular tourist destination during spring break in Florida. Even so, there are about 35 miles of coastal territory in Tampa Bay. There you can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach between tall buildings. In addition, this place has another charm that is along the road in Tampa Bay many craft craftsmen. That way you can bring unique gifts for family or friends.

5. Exumas in the Bahamas

The amazing view of the Bahamas requires you to visit it when spring breaks to come. There are about 700 islands there with very clear seawater. In addition, Exumas as a 130-mile long island is very famous for its untouched beaches. Apart from that, you can relax more at Great Exuma and Little Exuma.

6. Guadeloupe

This place can also be a destination where to avoid spring breakers. Caribbean Island is a French foreign department that has not been visited by many people. There you can enjoy the beautiful and original Karibian beach views. Even you can feel the atmosphere of the Caribbean itself. Therefore, it’s a shame if you miss this place as a tourist destination to avoid spring break this year.

7. Positano

Amalfi Coast of Italy in Positano is one of the tourist attractions that are quite popular in the summer. However, in the spring this place is very peaceful so it is suitable for you to make a vacation destination. In early April, you can enjoy the warm weather in Positano. In addition, the scenery around the city is very beautiful with the buildings there.

That’s 7 places that can be destinations where to go to avoid spring breakers. To enjoy a vacation comfortably, then you must go to places that are peaceful. Therefore, you can choose one of these places as one of your spring vacation destinations.