The Best Destinations to Visit in Taiwan

As one of the most crowded places in the world, Taiwan is known as one of the countries that never sleeps. Almost 24 hours, every corner of Taiwan is full of people, working or just doing certain activities. Taiwan is known for its busy streets, with its many businesses in the country. However, away from its busy streets, Taiwan has many interesting destinations that people must visit when they come here. Some of the best destinations to visit in Taiwan are in small areas.

 Taiwan is very famous for its culture and people. In this country, people can learn and see more about their culture and religion. It is unique and just different from other places. Just check out some of these best destinations to visit in Taiwan:

1. Kaohsiung

The city that is always full of energy and life, Kaohsiung is a city that will always be a favorite for tourists. Even though the city is the third crowded city in Taiwan, but Kaohsiung offers beautiful scenery. People can enjoy the views of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and walking. The great weather all year supports visitors to do these activities. The city also has a lot of historical sites such as museums and temples that people can visit.

 2. Wulai

When spring comes, coming to Wulai is usually an option that people will choose. Famous for its hot spring, people like to come here to swim and just relax in the warm water. If you are an outdoor lover, then this is the perfect place to spend. Here, you can go hiking in the forest while seeing the birds flying. Or go fishing in the river where there are many fishes to eat or just to fish. If this is not enough, visitors can go camping in the wild while seeing the beautiful sky.

 3. Kenting National Park

As one of the oldest national parks in Taiwan, Kenting is still a popular destination for many tourists. Here, people can enjoy the beautiful and clean beach with warm weather. The fauna and flora also support the environment making it more attracting than other parks. A must-see attraction here is the huge Eluanbi Lighthouse which is only available in this city. Other than that, every year the park holds a famous spring scream festival that delivers many singers around the world.

 4. Alishan National Scenic Area

This must be one of the best destinations to visit in Taiwan because it is just wild and wonderful. There are more than twenty-five mountains that is as high as two thousand meters and more surrounding in one place. With the clouds surrounding it, just imagine how beautiful the place is! There are many trails and paths that people can go through to get the best view. Whichever path you choose, it is all stunning and amazing to see!

 5. Taroko National Park

A beautiful nature in Taiwan is the Taroko National Park. The caving of the rocks has been done centuries ago and has held strong until today. Here, people like to come just to look at the stunning scenery. But some others do like to go for rafting to feel the river. Come here when they hold the Taroko Music Festival, where you can enjoy music and nature at once.

The best destinations to visit in Taiwan must be between Alishan and Taroko National Park. Because they offer something rare in other places. But, other nature places in Taiwan is still worth to visit if you have time. Therefore, make sure to have enough time on your vacation to visit these places in Taiwan.