Where To Visit In Hamburg, If You Only Have A Day

Hamburg is one of the tourism destinations in Germany. This city has a great view and a lot of pleasure points. Actually, there are more than 10/places you can visit while going there.

But what if there is only a day to do the city tour, is there any recommended place where to visit in Hamburg? If it happens to you and you want to make a tour plan, make sure to write this list down.

1. Looking at the Beautiful View Alster

In Hamburg, you can see a beautiful lake called Alster. Here a lot of people like to spend their spare time.

The blue water and the view of many buildings around it will make you feel relax and happy. No need to go far to have a chill time.

Just sit down there and enjoy the view while drinking some tea or coffee. There you can see some swan above the water too.

The government is even very good at taking care of the swans. Alster Swan is being protected there. They have never been sold, but the government likes to give them to another country.

So they will not be extinct but also not too much to stay in that lake. People will still comfortable to do some activity there.

With the beautiful view of the lake and everything interesting there, of course, Alster is one of the most recommended places of where to visit in Hamburg.

2. Landungsbrucken, Place to See Hamburg’s Harbor

The next destination is Landungsbrucken, which is located on the edge of Hamburg. This city is also known as a harbor city.

So you need to go there to see how big and crowded the harbor is. There you can see a lot of ships and walk inside Elbe’s Tunnel.

Further, near this harbor, tourists also can see some theater shows on the opposite side of Elbe. There is also a ferry which can carry tourist to do a short tour.

3. Going to Sternschanze

The other place which is beautiful and is the right place to spend time with friends is Sternschanze. From the station, you can walk and find a lot of bars, cafes, or restaurants.

All of this place is pretty and have their own uniqueness. Come to the cafe and see the interior design of it while sipping hot chocolate is a great thing to do in the afternoon or night.

This place is nice to visit when you need to take some deep breaths after doing hard work. Or be a nice place to meet someone new too.

4. See the Miniature of Many Things in “Miniatur Wunderland”

The fourth place to visit in Hamburg is the Miniatur Wunderland. Here you can see many things in a tiny size.

Even all the things are minimized the detail is still can see clearly. The artist makes every single thing here seriously.

You can see a big miniature of the train and railway. Then many iconic buildings in the world. The most wanted thing to see there is a miniature of many railways. Not only the Germany railway but also some beautiful railway in Europe.

You can visit this place with your kids and tell them so many stories about the miniature. It would be a great experience for them.

5. Adults Traveling Destination in Reeperbahn

The last place which is the most visited place in Hamburg is Reeperbahn. Actually, this place is made for adults.

There are a lot of clubs there. This place provides many nightlife entertainments. You can find an old unique cafe, night festival, cabaret, and many exciting things.

Hamburg actually needs to explore more than a day. But that five-place can interpret Hamburg as a great tourism destination.

Make sure to book your hotel before going to Hamburg, so your day will be more efficient. You can also find the best price of the ticket if you research it online a few days before going here.