Why Nusa Penida Is Best to Backpack Trip and What to Visit?

Bali has always been a favorite destination for tourists from around the world, whether it is just for holiday or relaxing. In this Island, people will be able to relax and enjoy the beach or explore the nature there. One of the most famous places in Bali is Kuta Beach which is located in Kuta. However, other than this beach, there are many other places in Bali that people must visit and one of them is Nusa Penida. This is an island in the southern of Bali and people can get there by boat or by land. The place is a bit far from other islands, but this is the reason why Nusa Penida is best to backpack trip.

Reasons Why People Love Nusa Penida

For those who don’t know, Nusa Penida is also an island in Bali that provides a much beautiful nature and places. It isn’t as popular as Kuta, but it is sure as fun as Kuta. There are many things and places to visit when tourists come here. Don’t ask what to do here because visitors will want to spend more time here after knowing the place. The place is small and there aren’t many fancy places, but this is why Nusa Penida is best to backpack trip. Here are many other reasons why people will love to come back here:

1. Beautiful Nature

If people are looking for a relaxing and beautiful place, then Nusa Penida will be a great choice for tourists. Here, people can just enjoy the environment around them by walking around the island. There are beaches, mangrove forests that are just beautiful to visit and explore. The best part is these places are cheap and some of them are even free!

2. Friendly People

The local people in this area are very friendly and helpful with tourists that comes to visit. Some even offer their homes to sleep in. There aren’t many hotels to sleep there, so the local’s home is a great option. So, this a great place for those who love backpacking. 

3. Best Beaches

Looking for a beach that has clear sands and a great view of sunrise? Well, the beaches in Nusa Penida are mostly like them all, so choose any beach and people will get both. For those who like surfing or snorkeling can also do those activities here. So, a complete package is ready on this island. 

4. Many Café

For those who just want to chill around while looking at people have fun can spend their time in the bars and café. Their café is adjusted for visitors, so it is not very traditional. The foods provided are both traditional and modern foods considering the guest’s needs. 

5. Cheap & Affordable

The main reason why Nusa Penida is best to backpack trip is because of the cost people will spend here. Almost all the prices here are affordable for both local and international tourists. Despite the long ride here from the airport, the total price for this holiday here is not expensive. 

So, Nusa Penida will always be a favorite for backpackers and they will surely come back. Now by knowing why Nusa Penida is best to backpack trip, it is sure more people will be coming. This is the island that offers a complete package for all kinds of visitors. So, make sure to explore and have fun when coming here!