best travel backpack

The 5 Best Travel Backpack You Should Have

best travel backpack

Traveling has become the most popular thing nowadays. However, you will need the equipment that supports the trip to make it easier and more comfortable. The backpack is one of the traveling equipment to store your equipment more practical. But, make sure you have the best travel backpack with you.

The best travel for backpacking has many characteristics, for example, lightweight, durable, and stylish. If you want to buy one of them, make sure that your backpack has those characteristics. Here are 5 best travel backpacks you should have to make your traveling more exciting:

1. Tortuga Setout

If you look for a lightweight travel backpack, Tortuga Setout is the best choice. This backpack is high quality, so no wonder that this backpack is so pricey. Tortuga Setout is so versatile; you can bring this for short or even short trips.

This backpack has two versions, 35L and 45L versions. Each version has certain features. Generally, this backpack has many features, such as clamshell, harness, hip belt, and even load lifter. So, you can choose the best version of Tortuga Setout according to your preference.

2. Peak Design

If you are a frequent traveler, this backpack will suit you. This backpack is so perfect because it has magnetic pouches, clever storage spaces, and hidden straps. The design is even thoughtful and steady.

Do not worry about the weight because this backpack is just 2.05kg. The original capacity is 35L but you can expand it to 45L. If you need more features, you can look for the accessories for this backpack.

3. Osprey Farpoint

This backpack is a front-loading backpack and it will easier for you to load your luggage. Osprey Farpoint has a comfortable suspension system so you feel lighter carrying it. So, this backpack is perfect for backpacking and hosteling.

If you want to bring your laptop when traveling, you can use this backpack. It is because Osprey Farpoint has a laptop and organizer compartment. This backpack has a lockable zipper to make you more secure. The design of this backpack is so impressive; it still holds its shape when unloaded.

4. Osprey Porter

This backpack is suitable for a short trip because it has a thin harness. But, this backpack has excellent side pockets and travel organizers. So, it will make you easier to store your luggage.

If you are a general traveler, this backpack is perfect for you. You can still bring your laptop in this backpack because it has a laptop compartment at the back. The stiff outer shell of this backpack makes your backpack more secure and can protect your stuff well.

5. Nomatic

This backpack has extremely clever features, so you can complete your needs with additional accessories. Moreover, this backpack is highly weather-resistant and the exterior is so sturdy. Unfortunately, this design of the backpack looks a little bit stiff.

You will have a lot of compartments in this backpack. So, you can separate your stuff by using the compartments. If you are a business traveler, this backpack is suits you well. It has a shirt and shoe compartment to keep your things in place.

Do not choose the wrong backpack because you will risk your trip. Choose one of the best travel backpack to make your trip more enjoyable. Make sure you choose all the features according to your needs.