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Knowing What to Visit in Santa Rosa California Before You Arrive There

The holiday is about to come and people are planning for something exciting. Don’t lose this moment, let’s make one of yours too. Visit Santa Rosa in California could be the best option. It is a place where everyone feels at home. Also, you will find various interests and hobbies here. Seems like many things to do there, then we have a list here about what to visit in Santa Rosa California.

If still cannot imagine how fun this city, just find out the character of Snoopy. Yes, we assure you that you know this famous Peanuts character. The creator is from here Santa Rosa. Or, maybe you are the wine lover. Then, it is the right place to find the best wine around the world. Okay, just see what to visit in Santa Rosa California here. You will know how fun and what to during there.

1. Sonoma Country

We continue our statement above about the wine. Yes, you can visit Sonoma Country, the main city of Santa Rosa, where people put the best wineries and vineyards. They put both right away in their backyard. You can add these to your list to start your journey: Harvest Moon, Paradise Ridge, Deloach Ridge, and Matanzas Creek.

2. The Charles M. Schulz Museum

Still continue from our opening, you cannot miss this museum while you are in Santa Rosa California. This museum is where you can see a show which is legendary. In front of the museum, standing some statues like Snoopy and the other Peanuts characters, and Charlie Brown too for sure!

3. The Giants

Are you one of the fans The Giants? Then you are in the right place now! Santa Rosa is far away from San Francisco. So, everyone who is there must be cheering up The Giants. They are seven-time achiever for the World Champions. Even though you are not baseball lovers, it is not hard to fall in love. Thus, prepare some orange and a panda hat, you will be amazed at the atmosphere.

4. Bistro 29

Spend a night at the street of Santa Rosa. Moreover, when you are celebrating a special anniversary, then just landed at Bistro 29 on 5th street. It has a delicious dinner that you won’t forget. After that, have a little walk to 6th Street Playhouse. Spend the rest of your day to watch the latest show of the night.

5. Prince Memorial Greenway

If your holiday is nearly ended up, then explore Santa Rosa by bicycle. This place is one of the cycling destinations around the world. The path is so friendly and scenic. Thus, Santa Rosa has been a host city for AMGEN Tour of California, the eight days biking for every professional.

Talking about what to visit in Santa Rosa California is not enough in one or two days. You will always find the excitement in its every spot. We haven’t discussed the local market yet. So, explore more about Santa Rosa and the local culture inside. You won’t hesitate to make this your next holiday destination.